The year 2023 got off to a very busy start for the COGITO project. We have completed our second year of reporting, presenting to HaDEA members the results of the project in the various areas of implementation. We were pleased to see the positive reception of the results of our work, and we encourage you to read our latest reports.

Preparations for the presentation of the results of the second reporting period began in Athens on December 15-16, 2022, when the entire consortium met at the 5th General Assembly. The partners presented the status of their activities in the respective project area, as well as the plan for 2023. The meeting’s agenda included the various project goals, within which digital twin tools are being developed.

On January 23rd COGITO 2nd Review Meeting was held with the participation of HaDEA representatives to assess the results and activities undertaken in the project in 2023. We presented both the progress of the work involving the development of individual COGITO tools, as well as the organization of individual pilot sites, business and marketing plans.

The most important achievements during the last 2 years of the project duration are focused on the following outcomes:

  • Digital tools for Quality Control
  • Digital tools for Workflow Management
  • Digital tools for Health & Safety
  • Integrated Digital Twin Platform
  • Demonstration on the construction sites

On the other hand, Consortium Partners presented a rich summary of the reports submitted to EC portal at the end of 2022. Each of them describes in detail the objectives, processes,  results, and future plans of the tools developed. To know more about digital twin tools for the construction sector, visit KEY TOOLS section. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.