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During the COGITO project lifetime, a series of academic publications were produced by COGITO Partners, contributing to the field of multidisciplinary research on Digital Twins in the construction sector.



Title Authors Place of publication DOI Link
A Digital Twin Platform generating Knowledge Graphs for construction projects Raúl García-Castro

John Davies

SeDiT 2022 Link
EUOS landscape of digital twin standards Antonio Kung

Claude Baudoin

Karim Tobich

Digitalised Geometric and Visual Quality Control of Construction Projects Dr Frédéric Bosché Online Invited Talk Link
Integrated Digital Approach to Dimensional Quality Control Dr Frédéric Bosché ISPRS Invited Talk (Hybrid) Link
Building Information Model Pre-Processing for Automated Geometric Quality Control Martín Bueno

Frédéric Bosché

ISARC 2022 Conference (Hybrid)  Link
An extension of Thing Descriptions from the Web of Things for Digital Twins Salvador González-Gerpe Orcid

Andrea Cimmino

Socorro Bernardos

Raúl García-Castro

María Poveda-Villalón

Kyriakos Katsigarakis

Georgios N. Lilis

Dimitrios Rovas

Sustainable Places 2022 Link
Ontologies and Building Digital Twins Mads H. Rasmussen (PhD), NIRAS • Pieter Pauwels (PhD), Associate Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology • María Poveda-Villalón (PhD), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, BIMERR project • Sanju Tiwari (PhD, Post-Doc), Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, Mexico • Raúl García-Castro (PhD), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, COGITO Project • Pierre Bourreau (PhD), IT PM, NOBATEK/INEF4 • Bruno Fies, CSTB Research Engineer, Bim2Twin project • Jonas Sschlenger (PhD), Technische Universität München, Bim2Twin project • Bruno Daniotti (PhD), Politecnico di Milano, BIMEEB project • Seppo Törma, Metropolia Univ. | CEO of VisuaLynk, BIMEEB project • Mark Thomas, CEO Nextspace • Michel Böhms, Senior Linked Data Scientist, TNO • Gabor Sziebig, Research Manager, SINTEF Manufacturing, BIMprove project • Angel Font, BDTA senior researcher • Eduard Loscos, BDTA President • Pablo Vicente-Legazpi, BDTA PM • Peter Imbrechts, Neane BDTA Link
COGITO – Digital Twinning Construction Projects Dr Frédéric Bosché DT Hub Gemini Call (UK Connected Places Catapult) Link
COGITO – Digital Twinning Construction Projects Dr Frédéric Bosché SRPe Conference Link
Towards a unifying domain model of construction safety, health and well-being: SafeConDM Beidi Li

Carl Schultz

Jochen Teizer

Olga Golovina

Jürgen Melzner

Science Direct Link
Investigating hazard recognition in augmented virtuality for personalised feedback in construction safety education and training M. Wolf

J. Teizer

B. Wolf

S. Bükrü

A. Solberg

Science Direct Link
BIM-based Fall Hazard Ontology and Benchmark Model for Comparison of Automated Prevention through Design Approaches in Construction Safety Johansen K.W.

Schultz C.

Teizer J.

EG-ICE_Proceedings_2022_Chapter41 Link
Trajectory Prediction: A Review of Methods and Challenges in Construction Safety Chronopoulos C.

Teizer J.

Esterle L.

EG-ICE_Proceedings_2022_Chapter43 Link
A Critical Review on Methods for the Assessment of Trainees Harichandran A.

Teizer J.

EG-ICE_Proceedings_2022_Chapter44 Link
Learning Factory for Construction to provide future engineering skills beyond technical education and training Jochen Teizer

Christos Chronopoulos

Construction Research Congress 2022/ASCE Library Link
The Concept of Digital Twin for Construction Safety  J. Teizer

K. W. Johansen

C. Schultz

Construction Research Congress 2022/ASCE Library Link
A novel deep learning approach using blurring image techniques for Bluetooth-based indoor localisation Reewos Talla-Chumpitaz

Manuel Castillo-Cara

Luis Orozco-Barbosa

Raúl García-Castro

Information Fusion Link
Semi-Automated Visual Quality Control Inspection During Construction or Renovation of Railways Using Deep Learning Techniques and Augmented Reality Visualization Apostolia Gounaridou

Evangelia Pantraki

Vasileios Dimitriadis

Athanasios Tsakiris

Dimosthenis Ioannidis

Dimitrios Tzovaras

CONVR 2023 Conference Link
Towards a UML-based notation for OWL ontologies María Poveda-Villalón

Serge Chávez-Feria

Sergio Carulli-Pérez

Raúl García-Castro

VOILA! Workshop   Link
Quantifying the Confidence in Models Outputted by Scan-To-BIM Processes Shirin Malihi

Dr Frédéric Bosché

Martin Bueno Esposito

CONVR 2023 Link
High-order second-level space boundary surface calculation for building energy performance simulation models Georgios Nektarios Lilis

Kyriakos Katsigarakis

Dimitrios Rovas

ECPPM 2022 – eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction 2022 (pp.295-302) Link
A data-driven method for hazard zone identification in construction sites with wearable sensors
Hong, K.

Teizer, J.

CIBW099W123 Link
Automated spatiotemporal identification and dissemination of work crews’ exposure to struck-by hazards Johansen K.W.

Schultz, C.

Teizer, J.

CIBW099W123 Link
An efficient approach for generating training environments in virtual reality using a digital twin for construction safety – BEST PUBLICATION AWARD Speiser K.

Teizer, J.

CIBW099W123 Link
A graph-based approach to minimize redundant spatial computations for automated construction safety prevention through design and planning Johansen K.W.

Schultz, C.

Teizer, J.

International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering (i3CE) Link
An Ontology-Based Data Model to Create Virtual Training Environments for Construction Safety Using BIM and Digital Twins Speiser, K.

Teizer, J.

30th European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering Conference (EG-ICE) Link
Enhancing the realism of virtual construction safety training: Integration of real-time location systems for real-world hazard simulations Speiser, K.

Hong, K.

Teizer, J.

23rd Conference on Construction Application of Virtual Reality (CONVR) Link
Hazard ontology and 4D benchmark model for facilitation of automated construction safety requirement analysis activities Johansen, K.W.

Schultz, C.

Teizer, J.

Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Link
Automated performance assessment of prevention through design and planning (PtD/P) strategies in construction Johansen, K,W.

Schultz, C.

Teizer, J.

Automation in Construction Link

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