The validation phase of COGITO tools will take place on real infrastructure sites. The intention is to use the COGITO digital twin applications in a context that enables full experimentation with the as-built digital model creation tools, and experimentation with the Quality Control, Health & Safety, and Workflow Management services that will allow their users to assess the applicability to real-life situations, their usability and provide feedback to the development partners for improvements.

The Pilot Site in Spain will be the Undergrounding Project of Murcia (Soterramiento de Murcia) which is subdivided into 2 main projects (Nonduermas & Barriomar). This large infrastructure project (which is part of the even larger project of the Mediterranean corrido – see figure 1) consists mainly in undergrounding or railway track, over a distance of more 2.5 km, mainly with Cut & Cover constructive procedure (see figure 2 and figure 3).

FERROVIAL as a pilot partner had to ensure the availability of the pre-selected Pilot Site for the upcoming validation activities (starting in April 2022), and make a continuous effort in order to ensure the engagement of the construction site throughout the project.

General and detailed technical information about the Pilot Site has been provided to the consortium regarding:

  • General overview information about the project;
  • Constructive procedures for the undergrounding of the overall section;
  • Selection of the best suitable section for the future validation activities
  • Technical information about practices in the Spanish Pilot Site (scheduling, quality control…)
Figure 1 Location of the Pilot Site in the framework of the Infrastructure Project “Mediterranean Corrido”


Figure 2 Top view showing different sections of the Murcia Project


Figure 3 Transversal view showing the “Cut&Cover” process

Even if the real demonstration of COGITO tools on the Spanish Pilot site will actually start in February 2023, the engagement of the construction site will increase in importance in the upcoming months, as many contributions will be required in the framework of the tools development. Preliminary works regarding future validation activities will already start in April 2022.

To know more about the pilot sites and solutions, based on the requirements, which will be elaborated in Living Labs located both in Spain and Denmark, follow the link below:

What are the Living Labs in COGITO project? – Cogito (