This 120-minute hybrid workshop will consist of several presentations on the chosen topic, specifically the challenges recognized by 4 EU projects: COGITOBIMproveBIM2TWIN and ASHVIN. Additionally, a small-scale sensor technology called SEMS (Simplified Emissions Measurement System) capable of rapidly measuring emission data will be presented by Professor Jochen Teizer from Aarhus University, Denmark. Overall challenges to be addressed during the workshop are sensing, data, people, security and privacy, process, project time overruns, project efficiency, etc.

Workshop Agenda

  • 05′- Workshop overview and Introduction –  Gabor Sziebig, Sintef and Victoria LEROY, HaDEA
  • 15′ “The COGITO Digital Construction 4.0 Toolbox”  – Frederic Bosche (The University of Edinburgh) COGITO
  • 15′ “Digital Building Twin for full situational awareness”  – Bruno Fies (The Scientific and Technical Center for Buildings) BIM2TWIN
  • 15′ “A Digital Twin Toolkit for Efficient Construction”  – Lucian Ungureanu (Technische Universität Berlin) ASHVIN
  • 15′ “Tracking changes with a Digital Twin in construction phase”  – Altenburger Ruprecht (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) BIMprove
  • 30′ “Digital Twin to Minimize Equipment Emissions in Construction Site Operations” – Jochen Teizer (Aarhus University)
  • 20’ Q&A
  • 05’ Discussion, wrap-up and next steps – Gabor Sziebig, Sintef