Throughout the COGITO project, 14 comprehensive reports have been produced, each detailing a specific tool designed to enhance safety, quality, and workflow management in the construction infrastructure.

Accessible to the public, these reports offer valuable insights into the innovative solutions developed under the COGITO project. By documenting the development and implementation processes, they serve as a resource for industry professionals seeking to adopt similar technologies and practices.

Check the 4 cathegories of COGITO Toolbox 4.0, and all set of the final documentation.

COGITO Data Management, Interoperability and Visualisation
Cloud-based Digital Twin Platform – DTP
Web-based Digital Command Centre – DCC
Visual Data Pre-Processing Tool
IoT Data Pre-processing Module
A Digital Toolset for Automated Construction Quality Control
Scan-vs-BIM Enabled GeometricQC Tool
Machine Learning Enabled VisualQC Tool
QC Visualisation with Augmented Reality – DigiTAR
A Digital Toolset for the Elimination of Construction Site Accidents
H&S Prevention via Design & Planning – SafeConAI
H&S Risk Monitoring & Detection – ProActiveSafety
Safety Education and Learning – VirtualSafety
A Digital Toolset for Trusted, Up-to-date Construction Workflow Management
Process Modelling and Simulation – PMS
Blockchain Enabled Work Order Monitoring – WODM
Work Order Execution Assistance – WOEA
BlockChain & Smart Contracts& BlockChain SLA Manager


D3.6 IoT Data Pre-processing Module v2
D3.8 Visual Data Pre-processing Module v2
D4.2 Preventive Health & Safety Application v2
D4.6 Personalized Alerts, Prediction and Feedback Tools v2
D4.8 Interactive Visual Material for Workforce Training v2
D5.2 Innovative Scan-vs-BIM-based Geometric QC component v2
D5.4 Deep-Learning –based Visual QC component v2
D6.4 Processes/Workflow Modelling & Simulation-based Optimization Module v2
D6.8 Personalized On-site Works Support Apps v2
D6.2 BCSC on the Workflow Modelling and Management v2
D6.10 Workflow UI for Project Managers v2
D7.8 Construction DT 3D Visualization v2
D5.8 UI & AR enabled QC Visualization v2
D7.10 Digital Twin Platform v2