If you are wondering which workshop you should join during Sustainable Places 2023 Conference in Madrid, do not wonder anymore! Meet COGITO, BIM2TWIN, and OMICRON team during a live discussion about Digital Twin Platforms’ development for the Construction Sector on 15th June at 9.00 (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid).

The workshop consists of 3 presentations on the chosen topic. Each presentation will present the technologies, services, and systems used to connect devices and functionalities with the digital twin platforms, and lessons learned from the development stage from different perspectives: the construction phase in buildings projects, the construction phase in infrastructure projects, and the maintenance phase in road projects. COGITO, BIM2TWIN, and OMICRON will contribute with  the following content: 



The COGITO project aims to establish a Digital Construction 4.0 toolbox that integrates: reality capture technology to collect data capturing the actual state of operations from construction sites; Building Information Models (BIMs) initially containing design and planning information and subsequently augmented with as-built data; and innovative integrated data management and software solutions to optimise the site operations.

The COGITO Digital Construction 4.0 Toolbox will effectively deliver a “Digital Twin” of construction operations and employs it for improving performance in terms of safety, quality, schedule, and cost. The reality capture tools will include digital cameras, laser scanning, and resource tracking sensors (e.g., Global Navigation Satellite System – GNSS).

An important contribution of the project is in developing methods to ensure interoperability among the different components constituting the Digital Twin ecosystem. This particularly includes the development of the COGITO Ontology/Data Model that will integrate all data/information in a model that can be meaningfully queried by the software tools.



BIM2TWIN aims to build a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform for construction management that implements lean principles to reduce operational waste of all kinds, shortening schedules, reducing costs, enhancing quality and safety and reducing carbon footprint. BIM2TWIN proposes a comprehensive, holistic approach. It consists of a (DBT) platform that provides full situational awareness and an extensible set of construction management applications. It supports a closed loop Plan-Do-Check-Act mode of construction.


OMICRON is a technology-focused project that combines the most modern automatized tools in a way that can be adapted and applied to specific local requirements. These technologies together will be developed to create an Intelligent Road Asset Management Platform. The platform has four main pillars:

1.        Digital inspection technologies, focusing on the development of UAV, terrestrial inspection vehicles and V2X communications.

2.        Predictive maintenance, supported on OMICRON’s Digital Twin and Decision support System.

3.        Smart intervention and maintenance, integrating various technologies which include (a) a robotic modular platform for road interventions; (b) VR and AR tools for robot teleoperation and worker support; and © the upgrade of machinery by means of sensors.

4.        Smart construction, addressing the modular and resilient construction of bridges, most specifically bridge overpasses.

OMICRON aims to offer a holistic solution for the transition to automatized road network asset management, addressing design, construction, inspection, maintenance and operation throughout the project technologies.

Workshop in practice

The workshop will be shaped into the form of a debate on practical issues of Digital Twin Platforms development in 3 different projects: COGITO, BIM2TWIN, and OMICRON. Each project will present an overall view of the tools and objectives of the project, but the main focus will be on the technology, services, and data models used to deliver the fully operational platform to the construction professionals.

The link between the construction phase and exploitation will be also highlighted as COGITO and BIM2TWIN provide digital twin solutions at the on-site stage of the construction project, and OMICRON mainly brings the developed tools at the maintenance and exploitation phase of the construction project. The debate will put under consideration questions about the data transfer between those two phases of the construction project.

Overall challenges which will be addressed during the workshop are:

  • Sensing challenge
  • Data challenge
  • People Challenge
  • Security and Privacy Challenge
  • Process Challenge
  • Project time overruns challenge
  • Project Efficiency challenge


AGENDA for the 1st part of the workshop


00:00-00:05 – Welcome & Introduction

00:05-00:10 – Alain Zarli, ECTP

00:10-00:15 – COGITO overall presentation, Giorgos Giannaikis | HYPERTECH

00:15-00:20 – BIM2TWIN overall presentation, Bruno Fies | CSTB

00:20-00:25 – OMICRON overall presentation, Noemi Jimenez | CEMOSA

00:25-00:45 – Digital Twin Platform Technologies and Services

00:45-01:05 – Data Models developed

01:05-01:20 – From the construction to the operational phase – gaps and key turns

01:20-01:25 – Q&A

01:25-01:30 – WRAP UP & CONCLUSIONS

Moderator: Lukasz Wilczynski, ASM


AGENDA for the 2nd part of the workshop


00:00-00:05 – Welcome & Introduction (Eduard Loscos | BDTA)

00:05-00:20 – CEN TC442/WG9 DT in the Built Environment Review (Eduard Loscos | BDTA)

00:20-00:30 – Standardisation potential (BIM2TWIN)

00:30-00:40 – Standardisation potential (COGITO)

00:40-01:00 – Discussion: Standardisation needs in DT in the Built Environment

01:00-01:15 – Discussion: Potential Collaboration

01:15-01:25 – Q&A

01:25-01:30 – WRAP UP & CONCLUSIONS

Moderator: Eduard Loscos | BDTA


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