On Thursday, April 11, BUILD UP hosted a webinar organized by the COGITO project, focusing on the “Digital Twin Revolution in the Construction Sector.” This event marked the final installment of a series of five webinars titled ‘Practical Tools for the Construction Sector in Digital Twin,’ organized jointly by the COGITO Team and the BUILD UP Platform. The webinar provided a platform for project specialists to present the COGITO Digital Construction 4.0 toolbox developed over the last three years, sharing insights and experiences from their work.

The webinar was structured into four sessions, each covering crucial aspects of the COGITO project. In the introductory session, Giorgos Giannakis from Hypertech provided an overview of the aims and objectives of the COGITO project. The subsequent session delved into the data collections carried out in the two construction pilot sites, in Munich (Germany) and Murcia (Spain). Daniel Leeb from Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group highlighted the intricacies of the Munich pilot site, emphasizing the modeling based on georeferenced orthophoto maps. Meanwhile, Tobias Hanel from FERROVIAL shed light on the Murcia pilot site, which forms part of the larger infrastructure project of the Mediterranean corridor, focusing on undergrounding high-speed railway tracks.


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In the final sessions of the webinar, Giorgos Giannakis presented some of the results obtained during the project execution, particularly focusing on workflow management, quality control, and health & safety. Notably, he highlighted the role of SafeConAI as a preventive application in enhancing safety measures by injecting identified environment features and hazardous spaces into the BIM model. The event concluded with Tobias Hanel and Daniel Leeb sharing key lessons learned, emphasizing the need for reliable digitalization efforts to ensure efficient work progress and daily inspections.

The webinar ended with an interactive Q&A discussion, facilitating an exchange of questions between the speakers and the audience. Topics ranged from the methods employed in the two pilot sites to the registration process for new users of the COGITO applications. Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights and reflections on the transformative impact of the COGITO project in revolutionizing the construction sector through digital twin technology.

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