The COGITO project has developed and delivered a comprehensive set of 14 tools aimed at improving safety, quality, and workflow management on infrastructure construction sites. These tools focus on the timely detection and mitigation of safety hazards to protect workers, swift identification of quality defects, and real-time management of construction workflows. Central to these tools is the Digital Twin platform, which ensures seamless integration through advanced methods and technologies.

The COGITO Digital Twins ecosystem features harmonized interfaces, standardized data structures, ontologies, communication protocols, and data formats, creating a reusable and extensible construction digital twin. Detailed documentation for all tools is available through the COGITO community on Zenodo and COGITO website. The toolset has been evaluated and categorized into four main technical innovations, now published on the EU Innovation Radar platform:

Cloud-based Digital Twin Platform for nD BIM and IoT Data Management

This platform is enhanced with an off-site data visualization solution, aiding in planning and construction phases.

Digital Toolset for Automated Construction Quality Control

Supported by an on-site digital twin visualization with augmented reality, this toolset aims to minimize project time and cost overruns.

Digital Toolset for Eliminating Construction Site Accidents

Focused on health and safety, this innovation includes prevention through design and planning, real-time risk monitoring and detection, and personalized safety education and learning.

Digital Toolset for Construction Workflow Management

This toolset provides integrated interfaces for project managers, foremen, and workers to ensure up-to-date and trusted workflow management.

These innovations highlight COGITO’s commitment to enhancing safety, efficiency, and quality in construction through advanced digital tools and technologies.