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COGITO validation and demonstration activities in two phases

Pre-validation phase

The pre-validation phase took place in relevant environments and an actual infrastructure test lab. Relevant environments refer to low-scale experimental environments that allow algorithms introduced by COGITO components to be tested. Additionally, the RSRG construction site in Karlsruhe will be used as an experimental environment for the COGITO components pre-validation, an ideal place for the pre-validation of the COGITO components. This real, public transport infrastructure project is a 1.3km track renewal of two parallel tracks installing the slap track system of Rheda City Green.

A part of this real construction site is used to generate the input for the pre-validation of the COGITO system in case of ‘as planned data’ (BIM Model, Schedules, Resources etc.) as well as data captured during the construction phase (point clouds, position data, pictures etc.). As a result, the system will be tested in a practical way with real data and direct industry feedback.

The construction prospect includes:

  • assembling sleepers and rail;
  • positioning of new rail track;
  • rail welding;
  • concrete formwork;
  • set concrete;
  • placing rail chamber filler for Rheda City Green.

The RSRG depots in Dornbirn and Wels can also be used for testing rail related equipment and tools. Under normal conditions, there is very few rail-traffic at these depots. The area covers tracks, switches, road crossings and a network of survey reference points. Therefore, this facility has been used in the past and also can be used in the future. Some of the rail track geometry systems have been tested in Wels before handed over to practical use. Even training of operators for rail related equipment has been carried out there.

Munich U-Bahn System – Switches Renewal (Munich-Germany)

RSRG facilitated access to the Munich U-Bahn system as the first real validation site for full demonstration and validation of the COGITO toolset. The relevant construction project offers an approximately 1,950 m long subway infrastructure site under the city of Munich. The on-site construction works mainly concern the renewal of switches of a ballast track intersection and last seven weeks. In more detail, from the mid of June to the end of July 2023, the railroad switch in the south part of the
“Sendlinger Tor” station (SE) will be renewed, consisting of three switches, the rail, sleeper, ballast (approx. 580 t) and the conductor rail system between “Sendlinger Tor” station (incl. platform and siding 21) up to the “Goetheplatz” station (GO). The project was delivered in 2 construction phases, each including preliminary and follow-up works. During these phases, the railway system will not operate in the associated area. It is worth mentioning that the construction team as well as the BIM modelers will be the same with the end users that will be involved in the pre-validation ac in Karlsruhe, and the BIM model will be generated with the same modelers involved.

High Speed Railway Station (Murcia-Spain)

The second construction project for the validation phase is the Underground Station construction and adaptation of the current railway corridor for the implementation of High-Speed services, making it compatible with the other types of traffic. The project cost is estimated at 239 million €, with 30.3 million of cubic meters of reinforced concrete, 197.3 thousand square meters of retaining walls, and 734 thousand cubic meters of excavated volume being some of its features. Some additional characteristics of the project are:

  • Burial of railway track: With a period of execution of 27 months, the projected route has a length of 2,503 ml, with platform for high speed double track. It includes the assembly of two tracks, one of UIC width and another of mixed width.
  • Underground Station: The route has a length of 2,830 ml, all underground, with the execution period of 36 months. It includes the execution of a new Station that will serve the new underground roads and that is located on the covering slab of the false tunnel.

It contemplates the execution of an intermediate phase that will allow the underground arrival of the AVE to the underground station at the -8m level, while the rest of the underground part is executed.







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