COGITO Consortium Partners met to summarize progress achieved within the first semester of the project. This event was also devoted to present in front of COGITO’s new Project Officer – Victoria Leroy – all Consortium members and their role within the project. Objectives of each work package were confronted to achieved goals. The good news is that we stick to the plan and all activities are going well!

Victoria Leroy made an introduction about her responsibilities and role as the PO of COGITO as well as about European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), providing information about its scope.

The status of the project, short-term planning and defined processes and methodologies adopted in COGITO for project management and Quality Assurance were presented by Hypertech – the project coordinator. In the first 6-month period of the project, the main focus of the project was on the elicitation of the stakeholders’ requirements, the creation of an evaluation planning and the definition of the architecture design of the COGITO toolbox. The relevant activities and the most important results achieved so far were presented by the University of Edinburgh. At the end of the first part of the meeting, the partner responsible for dissemination activities and coordination of Living Labs – ASM Market Research and Analysis Center – presented the status of dissemination and communication activities against the defined Key Performance Indicators. Among the key achievements in this area was the establishment of synergies among COGITO and other H2020 sister projects. These activities are of great importance for COGITO and will be widely supported directly by Victoria Leroy. In this direction, Hypertech also announced that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Trust-IT (coordinator of the 2023 initiative) and COGITO for common activities and knowledge sharing mainly in the ICT standardization activities of the project.

The second part of the 1st General Assembly meeting was devoted to the analysis of as-planned and reality capture data that will be gathered and processed by the COGITO solution and the elaboration of sequence diagrams for part of the defined COGITO Use Cases. Consortium Partners were also informed about the current situation in both pilot sites located in Denmark and Spain.

All Partners presented also future plans and next steps aimed at achieving expected results.

This time the meeting was organized remotely but hopefully, the next one will be held physically and all Consortium members will have the opportunity to meet each other in person.

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